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Prevent your building project from going downhill with complete residential and commercial grading services from Wilkerson Grading in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Count on our professional team to do our job with utmost quality from start to finish.

About Our Company

Wilkerson Grading is a land grading business that is owned and operated by four generations of the Wilkerson clan. The family has been serving clients in Orange Country, North Carolina and its surrounding areas since 1954.

Our Goal

Our mission is to assist our customers by providing superior customer service and support. We look forward to working with you.

Digging Our Roots Deeper

Wilkerson, our family’s patriarch, was born and raised in the humble Orange County. In his younger years, he trained in another town to become a professional baseball player. However, he instead chose to return home and shift his career to local construction as he did not want to leave his beloved hometown. By starting his own site grading business, he and his clan have become integral in the county’s construction industry.

Our Humble Beginnings

Wilkerson started the business using only a $750 dozer and a $1,500 loader to clear land, build waterways, and dig ponds for farmers. One of his earlier projects also involved turning a field of maize into a baseball field. Ever since then, his company has grown as a reliable partner of many clients for their site grading requirements.

Continuing the Legacy

We, Wilkerson’s sons and grandsons, continue to make Wilkerson Grading a well-known construction company through hard work and collaboration. We have started moving dirt and clearing lands at a young age so we can learn the ropes of carrying on our family business. Until today, we work together to maintain the good reputation of our business.

The Secret to Our Company’s Success

Our family’s bond stays intact despite the unpredictable highs and lows of construction and maintaining the business. We always get each other’s back no matter how hard the job gets—even if we have to work 12-hour days for various projects across counties. We also use our diverse set of skills and rely on each other so we can uphold the excellence that our predecessors have displayed in the past.

What We Do

We have completed a wide range of residential and commercial land grading projects throughout the years, including the baseball and football fields in Orange High School. As these projects have been decreasing recently, we’ve also started pursuing specialty projects like constructing riding rings, pastures, and barns for horses.

Trust Us With Your Site Grading Needs

Ensure the long-term stability of any building or road with land leveling and clearing services from us. For inquiries, send us a message.