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Wilkerson Grading in Hillsborough, North Carolina can skillfully accomplish the crucial first step of any construction process. We provide exceptional site grading services for homes, commercial establishments, roads, and farms, among others. With our help, you can start working on your project from the ground up.

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Why Site Grading Is Important

Land leveling is a vital part of quality construction. Not only does it improve the overall look of your building project’s final product, but it also prevents long-term problems like:


Effective drainage systems involve not only reliable piping but also strategic land grading. Leveling the soil surface can make rainwater flow downhill, keeping any building or road high and dry.

Soil Erosion

Clearing and grading a construction site can help you avoid structural issues that may eventually occur. Through early ground preparation, you can minimize the risks of damage brought by soil degradation to your building in the long run.


A base made of soft soil or clay can make any property or road sink to the ground over time. Grading can help guarantee the stability of the site by balancing the soil’s components and ensuring its health.

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We always ensure our clients get the best services from us. As a four-generation grading contractor, we have the knowledge and expertise to flawlessly execute our work. We can handle any project, no matter how big or small.

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Count on our experienced staff to fulfill your site grading needs. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us today. We serve residential and commercial clients Orange County, North Carolina and its surrounding areas.